The Backyard Farm Academy
The Backyard Farm Academy
Lana Stenner

Welcome to The Backyard Farm Academy

Have you dreamed of raising chickens, veggie gardens or adding a beehive? You're in the right place!

The Academy

Join us in the Backyard Farm Academy. Regardless of your property size, you can go back to basics and grow more self-sufficient. We have detailed trainings on how to raise chickens, bees and grow your own veggies and fruit trees.

When you join the Backyard Farm Academy, you will have access to our library of step-by-step trainings. We are building the Gardens, Chickens, and Bees training libraries right now, and each month we add new expert trainings, either developed by us or another industry expert.

Our library can give you the simple steps to walk you through building your backyard farm.

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